Each semester, the Student Alumni Council reaches out to parents and host families to encourage them to purchase a care package for their students. Parents and host families are also encouraged to purchase an additional package, which gets sent to a student who could use an additional pick-me-up during finals and may not otherwise receive a package.

Care Packages may include the following items:

Dried Fruit
Nature Valley Granola Bar
Planters Peanuts
Jack Links Beef Stick
Easy Mac
Microwave popcorn
Frosted Animal Cookies
That’s It Bar
Air Head
Ear plugs
Crystal Light packet
Coffee packet
Specialty item– SAC chooses one each semester. Items have included a reusable tote bag, mug, blanket, socks, winter headband, LED drink cup, and more!

If you are interested in ordering a care package, please call 866-850-1846. If the person you would like to order a package for has food allergies, we will accommodate them by adjusting the items in their package accordingly.