What is National Philanthropy Week?

National Philanthropy Week is an opportunity to celebrate the ways in which alumni, faculty, staff, parents, your fellow students, and friends of the college facilitate your Grinnell experience. Each day of the week corresponds with one of the four T’s of philanthropy (time, talent, treasure, ties) and offers an interactive event for you to participate in.

What does it mean to give time?

Time means giving back to Grinnell by donating your time. This can be as simple as participating in a stop & serve volunteer project or as complicated as organizing a campus-wide event.

What does it mean to give talent?

Talent refers to your skills, knowledge, and your willingness to share them with Grinnell. Giving talent might be tutoring a fellow student or teaching someone how to sing; serving as a student leader or giving a presentation.

What does it mean to give treasure?

Treasure refers to cash, checks, credit card donations, and stock gifts that you are giving to Grinnell. These forms of gifts go to support Grinnell in many ways: scholarships, student programming, the Pioneer Fund, etc.

What does it mean to give ties?

Ties refers to your social network, professional network, and your willingness to share them with Grinnell. For example, this might be helping a first year find the right person to contact in a campus office, or it might be as simple as inviting a new person to hang out with you and your friends.

Grinnellians Got Talent

While the schedule of National Philanthropy Week differs year to year, the tradition of capping the week with a talent show has now reached its fourth year. Introduced by Emily Zaffiro ’19 during her time as SAC’s philanthropy chair this fun tradition of sharing one’s talent has persisted since 2016. Come out to Harris and bring a friend or better yet audition and bring all of your friends to this years show!

Emily Zaffiro at the Talent Show